Snuggle Bag 26 X 30 Doxies and Friends Pretty in Pink

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If you have doxies you know how they like to burrow and snuggle. The Snuggle Bag is a perfect cozy, snuggly, secure spot for your doxie to cuddle up and dream sweet dreams.

Measuring 26 x 30 this bag can accommodate a couple of minis/tweenies or a standard. The inside is made of soft sherpa fleece (also known as shearling, imitation sheepskin or lambswool) and the outside is a soft cotton  fabric featuring adorable Dachshunds and a variety of their cute friends (Greyhounds, Schnauzers, French Bulldogs, Scotties and Shih Tzus)on a pretty pink background.  Adding to the cuteness are bones and balls give this bag a playful feel. 

The Snuggle Bag can be used on a bed, couch or chair to protect your furniture, in a crate, on the floor, in your car, or any spot your doxie chooses to snuggle. It's sure to be your puppers favorite spot to snooze! The Snuggle Bag is hand-crafted with superior quality workmanship by Phil, who is not only a Wiener Grandpa extraordinaire, but he has also been a professional upholsterer for over 30 years. The Snuggle Bag is sewn with nylon thread so it is strong and durable and made to last. In addition the Snuggle Bag has reinforced hidden seams so it is reversible and it stays open simply by folding it back.

Care Instructions: Toss in the washer, toss in the dryer, shake to fluff and voila, it's ready to be snuggled in again.

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